Thursday, 12 November 2015

Only If You Wear It Right - A Condom' Tale

Everyone knows that wearing a condom is one of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. However, it's what you don't know about putting on a condom that can change your life.
Hello to our new Generation!

When used properly, condoms have a very low failure rate...nothing is 100% in this era. Unfortunately, most of these best-case scenarios were achieved in lab settings. In the real world, people make all kinds of mistakes that can lead to condom failure. When comes to wearing a rubber the right way, it's what you don't know that can really hurt you. A friend of mine who he swears that he wore the rubber right before inserting and yet he got the girl pregnant….

Want to know why?

He took a second round with the same condom............ Reusing a condom is, well, kinda gross, whether he ejaculated or not. It's also kinda risky. The condom may be weaker the second time around, making it more prone to breaking.

You can't put on a condom if you don't have one…. OK, this is technically true, but we're putting it in the misconception category unless you live in, say, a remote village in Timbuktu. If not, this excuse is just doesn't hold water. Condoms are easy to find. You can buy them in a supermarket,  7-11, pharmacy or..hmm. If you think you'll be getting lucky, keep a couple on hand.

Now!How to Put on a Condom...Properly

Now, if you are not ready for father’s day or anything, don’t give yourself an excuse for not wearing a condom. Always remember, don’t be like my friend that he swears that he wore a condom and still got his girl pregnant.
In case you are shy on putting it the first time in front of your sex partner. Feel free to practice on yourself.

Open the package. Tear it open with your fingers along the dotted line at the top. Never use anything sharp to open a condom package - that includes your teeth…once there is a hole… Happy Father’s Day!

Place the condom over the tip of an erect dick, with the rolled rim on the outside. It should look like a little hat…

Remove the air from the tip of the condom. This can be done by pinching the tip gently with your fingers. This provides some room for semen, making the condom less likely to break. If the condom break,….Happy Father’s Day.

Roll the condom carefully down the shaft of your dick. If you use your mouth, just keep your teeth clear. If a condom gets damaged while you're putting it on, don't take any chances - remove it and start over with a fresh one.

OK, so I had added a bonus step, but removing a condom properly after use is just as important as putting a condom on properly. It should be removed immediately after sex. To make sure that his cum does not leak or come off during removal, grasp it at the base of the dick as it is withdrawn. It should then be removed, tied shut and thrown away.. Don’t be like some dumb ass that actually leaves the condom inside the vagina…

Got it? Repeat as needed. Just make sure you do it right. Wearing a condom is easy, but only if you wear it right.

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